ten percent


Autumn / Winter 16 Collection


Ten Percent is the feeling of sitting in a tuk tuk in India and watching life from where there should be a window, but isn’t anymore. It is dusty, it is loud, it is colourful.

Ten Percent is learning celebration and survival in clothing by reflecting India’s own passionate splashing of colour and texture.

Rich tones of wine and navy, with bursts of sunflower yellow, look positively city set against the stark blacks and whites of crisp shirts and cigarette legs. Denim and grey sweats encourage these bold tones to relax.

Bold, inflated indigo spots decorate cottons. Bursting with life, they have their own veins bound by yarn running in the opposite direction. Motifs are made into a repeat print, paying homage to the ancient technique of block printing. 

From the bomber jackets to the pencil skirt, the velvety caramel suede is luxury in its' practicality. Suede protects against wind and whipping sand. It is thick, but it is malleable, it listens to the body. The shapes inspire movement and ease; culottes and wide leg pants, worker’s shirts and chinos, layered over and over to suit whatever conditions may come.

The wrap dress introduces a final gentleness to a collection that prioritises preparedness and protection. A soft drape and tie speaks of the sweetness that is so carefully guarded in India, and little seen from the outside looking in.

Karina Seljak, “Learning the Celebration” Taken from Vanishing Elephant Issue #2

Vanishing Elephant’s Autumn/Winter range, Ten Percent, can be found in stores from January 2016 in selected stores in Australia and New Zealand.