Store Spotlight: Abicus, Newcastle

Clothes-cum-record store Abicus resides in the sun-drenched New South Welsh beach town of Newcastle, seamlessly combining the owners’ mutual love for music and fashion. Tim and Tiffany have stocked Vanishing Elephant for as long as we can remember, so we recently packed ourselves in the car and paid them a visit to chat about the store, their favourite Ve things, and their soon to arrive bundle of joy...

We are... Tim and Tiffany, owners of Abicus. In our refrigerator, you’ll find... lots of condiments, sparkling water, fruit and veg. To unwind after a long day’s work we like to... walk our dog Scout, a 7-year-old miniature Schnoodle. I couldn’t live without... Tim : our record collection, hi- rig & my guitars. Tiff : my friends and family. Favourite record of all time is... Tim: The For Carnation - “S/T”. Tiff: this is a very very hard question, I could easily tell you my favourite for each year for the past 30 years! Ok so maybe I do it like this: As I lived my influential teenage years in the 90’s, I’m going to pick my top 5 albums of the 90’s! Redd Kross - “Phaseshifter”, Smashing Pumpkins - “Siamese Dream”, The Cure - “Wish”, Beth Orton - “Trailer Park” and Sonic Youth - “Goo”... and if I could only take one artist’s entire back catalogue with me to a deserted island it would be Ryan Adams.
Right now I’m reading... Tiff: “My Year Without Matches” by Claire Dunn. Tim: “Girl In A band” - Kim Gordon. Music sounds better when.... running through vintage Luxman hi-fi at volume. The first thing I think about in the morning is...Tiff: porridge or muesli? Tim: more sleep... The last thing I think about at night is... Tiff: our little baby growing inside me. Tim: oh man, this is bliss, why was I not in bed hours ago! Next place we travel to will be... Wanaka, New Zealand to visit family.
When I close my eyes I see... Tiff: black and sparkles. Tim: inkwells. I never thought I would/could... Tiff: alongside Tim, do the complete design and fit out of our new Abicus store two and a half years ago. It was a nine-month project, 80 hour weeks, only about five days off in total. It was so physically and mentally demanding, it nearly broke us... but we did it!  Tim: recreate ‘Closing Forever Sky’ album live with Firekites for Sydney Festival last January. It was in the Spiegeltent, an offer we couldn’t refuse... three months of rehearsals later! Ha. My favourite Ve piece is...Tim: Woven leather Burgundy Cap Toe points from 2012. (They need to be re-issued asap!) Tiff: Another very hard one; I would say my blue eece lined Anorak as it’s been my go-to staple for the last two winters. Also I do love my VE shoes, I have about 10+ pairs but favourites would be the Riding Boots in Tan and my Black Patent loafers. When I grow up, I want to/to be... Tiff: a mother. Tim: design and build my own house.


By Danica Brown, Images by Cameron Quilty, taken from Vanishing Elephant Issue #2

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